Fantasy Opus– The Last Dream Preview (Pure Steel Publishing)

Noturnall – Mysterious (RockShots Records)

Black Hawk – Scream In The Night (Pure Underground Records)

Aeternitas – The Experiment (Massacrae Records)

Overkill – Second Son (Nuclear Blast Records)

Nils Patrick Johansson – How The West Was Won (Metalville Records)

Bastian – It’s Just A Lie (Sliptrick Records)

Heavy Generation – First Steel Metal (Sliptrick Records)

Wolf Counsel – Remembrance (Czar Of Bullets)

Hypnothetical – Where All The Trees Bend (Revalve Records)

Ratbreed – Gates Of Underworld (Inverse Records)

47 de Fevereiro – La Favorita (Independente)

Cave Story – Special Diners (Lovers & Lollypops)